The Gift of Spain

I love cities – each one offers it own magic. I’ve visited Spain a few times – just love the weather, the people and the food. I don’t know why but the city of Malaga holds an attraction for me – its full of old and new mixed together. I love art, and the fact that Malaga is the birthplace of Picasso could be another drawcard for me.

I was delighted last time to see that the area of SOHO has now been turned into this amazing art-street where you’ll get a glimpse of the works of different artists  You’ll find some ancient buildings which are a delight for historians but then there are the trendy restaurants, super beaches and the very modern Muelle Uno port with its modern shops, bars and restaurants. Make sure you’ve got plenty of spending money because there are lots of expensive boutiques and gifts stores where you’re going to be parting with lots of money for sure.

What I love about this particular city is that you can get around on foot and see plenty. If you don’t like that, there’s plenty of transport getting tourists around. I always use the city tour buses and these drop you off and pick you up again, a great way to get places like the fascinating Alcazaba Fortress which gives you a good view of the city.

If you’re just looking for those quirky street markets that always attract tourists, then visit Atarazanas Market for some spices, fruits and vegetable and plenty of other knick knacks. For nature lovers there is the beautiful Jardín Botánico de la Concepción  Botanical Gardens which are soothing and relaxing. I’ve just mentioned a few things worth seeing in this awesome city – I could go on and on and on because I haven’t even mentioned the festivals and the nightlife yet but thats for another time.cities