My City

Fantastic view of the Melbourne skyline in all it glory and the Princes Bridge

Melbourne Skyline and Princes Bridge

I realised while I waxing lyrical about all these cities I have not mentioned my own. As I started writing this post I realised why. I have so much to say, how do you fit a lifetimes experience of a city into a post? Simple answer you don’t, I love my city and have hundreds of anecdotes about it but to fit in this blog I thought I would highlight some reasons for a visitor to call on Melbourne.

If you want some history of Melbourne then this site will be useful for you to look at.

Melbourne Street all lit up and welcoming

Melbourne street

Melbourne to me has everything, an openness about it with the river and architecture and fabulous parks; yet the streets and arcades create an intimate and close atmosphere. Tucked away in this warren that is not claustrophobic, you will find many of Melbourne’s famed restaurants and bars, the ‘secrets’ of the place. One in particular a visitor might enjoy is our tram restaurant with its 5* chefs and a site seeing tour of the city, perfect way to introduce you to the city.

Melbournes restaurant tram complet with 5* chefs and a site seeing tour

Melbourne Restaurant Tram

Above all as a visitor to Melbourne you will find the people so friendly and welcoming ( just like me)  we are well-known for out philanthropic outlook and we are always keen to help anyone. Look out for the ‘City ambassadors” a group of tourism volunteers who can show you the sites. I did some time volunteering for this and it is a great way to meet people and network – to this day I have contact with a number of people I met doing that.

Brighton Beach, at Port Philip famous for its colourful bathing boxes and the Melbourne skyline

Brighton Beach where I will be his next weekend!

So a taster of what Melbourne can offer, found writing this harder than the other cities, I want to share so much but I will leave this post today with a link for some interesting facts about Melbourne. For me Melbourne is just The Best City so I am sure I will be back to tell you more.