London the Ancient Modern City

There is no city in world with more enigma than London. On one hand it is modern in all aspects with metro and all kinds of modern facilities and on the other hand it has the old city look of cobbled pathways. I still remember visiting the Sherlock Holmes street and it looked right out of a movie.

Tower of London

The tower of london is one of the oldest structures in the world.It was known as Londinium in Ancient Rome.

London Bridge

Who can forget the London bridge which every child knows because of the iconic rhyme ” London Bridge is falling down“. It has been a model for many bridges all across the world.

London Population

London is the largest city in England, Uk and the whole of Europe. In fact 12 percent of population of Britain lives in London.It also has the highest population density in Europe with 4700 people per square mile.

London Theatres

London is the theater capital of the world. London has over 100 theaters within the city. It accounts for 45 percent of all theatres in UK and accounts for three-forth of all revenue collections.

The Tube or Underground carrying Londoners from one of the city to another

The underground railway in London is called the tube. It is one of the oldest underground railway installation.

Canary Wharf Tower

London does  boast of tall structures and buildings too. The tallest structure is the Canary Wharf Tower.