Weirdest Cities of the World

All cities have their quirks- but there are a few cities in the world that are just certifiably insane!

Take, for instance, Miyake-Jima. It is a city located on an island near Japan, that sits right at the bottom of an active volcano. While the residents don’t have to fear explosions or lava, they have to live with lethal levels of sulfuric gas in the area. So, how do the people stay there without setting their lungs on fire? They use gas masks at all times. Here’s a funny twist: most of the people who live there stay because the Japanese government pays them to live there, so that it can study the effect of the environment on their bodies!

Miyake Jima

Coober Pedy is yet another incredibly weird town- it is popular for being the most inaccessible town in all of Australia. The town developed as a mining locality, when opal was discovered in 1915. However, Coober Pedy is located in an extremely hostile area, where the temperature can go over 45 degrees Celsius. To escape the heat, they went underground, which was the only place they could stay (relatively) cold. Even though it is not a mining town any more, it is a popular tourist destination.

Probably the weirdest city of the lot- Manshiyat Naser is a town that has a society that was built on trash. It is located right next to Cairo, Egypt, and acts as Cairo’s personal dump yard. However, the people of Manshiyat Naser have made a living out of it. It’s a permanent city with apartment buildings, shops, and jobs. Most of the people living there also say that they are happy with their lives.
Manshiyay Naser

Seems like you can find utopia in the most random of places!