Best Cities in the World for Cycling

Not all cities in the world have the kind of rules or the infrastructure for cycling fans. Here are some of the best cities in the world if you are a fan of cycling (professional or recreational).


This Danish utopia is one of the best places in the world for cycling. About 36% of the population cycles on a daily basis, and Copenhagen makes sure that the traffic and the lanes are perfect for these riders. They even have highly unique bridges for cyclists- it’s certainly a unique experience!

Copenhagen cycling


Perth has one of the best planned and executed bicycle lanes around the country. There are a number of cycling paths that connect the city to the suburban areas as well. A number of beautiful cycling trails have been created too, and there is adequate parking space as well.

Perth Cycling


Amsterdam is an incredibly beautiful city that provides a number of different wonderful paths to cycle through. There are a number of cycling paths that will even take you around the canals.┬áIt’s a unique way of exploring the city, so many tourists prefer travelling this way, as well.

Amsterdam Cycling

Besides this, a number of cities like Paris, Minneapolis, Bogota, etc have an increasing number of commuters who travel on bicycles. Which is your favourite city to bike in?