The Best City for Nightlife

Nightlife is an important aspect of any city’s make up. When I talk about nightlife I don’t just mean clubs and bars (though they are of course important), but all the entertainment: ballets, plays, concerts, operas, shows and cultural activities that occur at night. In that regard, there’s no place like home! Melbourne has a rich and varied nightlife, we have better pubs and bars than Sydney and a fantastic selection of performing arts. Check out the Comic’s Lounge for a cheap and fun night out, it pulls in some of the big names in comedy, but actually some the new up and coming comedians are best.

Some of the world's best nightlife can befound in EuropeOutside of Australia, I rate some of the European cities pretty highly. London is great for everything from traditional pubs, to cutting-edge nightclubs, with everything from the Royal Ballet and musicals in between. Berlin is my personal favourite, this gritty and arty city has the most vibrant and exciting nightlife in the world. It’s perfect for scruffy people like me, I can wear what I like and still get in the club, yipee! A lot of the places are hard to find for tourists so it helps to go out with a savvy local who keeps up-to-date with what’s hot. Plus, the prices are really reasonable compared to other Western European cities. However, for those really know how to party the ultimate choice is Belgrade in Serbia. It’s a city that never sleeps, the locals are energetic and fun, and in the summer much of the clubbing action moves to barges called ‘splavs’ anchored at the riverbank.

What are your favourite cities for nightlife?


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