Trendiest Cities & Neighbourhoods in the World – Toronto & Tokyo

So Vogue recently named Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood and Tokyo’s SHIMOKITAZAWA neighbourhood the most trendy in the world. I think that this is a pretty subjective topic but I mean there is something to it when it comes to fashion, music, and global culture. Also the development of parts of a city really have a significant impact on how they are viewed in the rest of the world and for tourism purposes. Toronto is a booming city with all of the great cultural aspects of big cities but without some of the negatives. Although the gentrification has really popped the real estate prices way up.

queen west toronto trendiest neighbourhood

3rd place went to SÖDERMALM / STOCKHOLM / SWEDEN which according to Vogue ““Cool” and “Stockholm” are essentially synonymous. Think: Acne Studios, long-lit summer nights, minimalistic armchairs. Imagine, then, how hip its coolest neighborhood must be. Enter Södermalm, an island just to the south of the city’s center, where one can find top-notch vintage boutiques like Grandpa (which also sells Swedish labels including Rodebjer and Dagmar) to a comprehensive ‘zine shop, cheekily named Papercut.” 

I’d love to check these places out. I’m a sucker for new places and to go live there and see what they each have to offer both the resident and the tourist.


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