The Best Cities for Street Food

Sampling local food is one of the joys of travelling. We all like to discover new restaurants, but sometimes our budgets just can’t stretch to that three-course meal with a view onto the Pacific. That’s where street food comes in, if you want a truly authentic experience, make like the locals and hit the road, your wallet and taste buds will thank you for it!

Street food in South East Asia is the best

In my experience South East Asia can’t be beaten, it has a great choice of street food. My personal favourite is George Town in Penang (Malaysia), it’s foodie heaven with hawkers lining the streets and designated food courts.  Thanks to a large transient male population from India, China and elsewhere in Asia during the 19th century, the locals have a huge range of food to choose from day and night. The food includes delicious soups, noodles, satays, dumplings and fruit juices of numerous varieties. Eating out in Penang is an amazing experience in itself, it can be as social or low key as you want it to be.

There are hundreds of other cities around the world that have delicious street food. Some people are nervous about hygiene, but often these stalls are cleaner than many restaurants because you can see the food being prepared. If in doubt, go to a place that looks popular and has a high turnover of customers.


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