London the Ancient Modern City

There is no city in world with more enigma than London. On one hand it is modern in all aspects with metro and all kinds of modern facilities and on the other hand it has the old city look of cobbled pathways. I still remember visiting the Sherlock Holmes street and it looked right out of a movie.

Tower of London

The tower of london is one of the oldest structures in the world.It was known as Londinium in Ancient Rome.

London Bridge

Who can forget the London bridge which every child knows because of the iconic rhyme ” London Bridge is falling down“. It has been a model for many bridges all across the world.

London Population

London is the largest city in England, Uk and the whole of Europe. In fact 12 percent of population of Britain lives in London.It also has the highest population density in Europe with 4700 people per square mile.

London Theatres

London is the theater capital of the world. London has over 100 theaters within the city. It accounts for 45 percent of all theatres in UK and accounts for three-forth of all revenue collections.

The Tube or Underground carrying Londoners from one of the city to another

The underground railway in London is called the tube. It is one of the oldest underground railway installation.

Canary Wharf Tower

London does  boast of tall structures and buildings too. The tallest structure is the Canary Wharf Tower.


Weirdest Cities of the World

All cities have their quirks- but there are a few cities in the world that are just certifiably insane!

Take, for instance, Miyake-Jima. It is a city located on an island near Japan, that sits right at the bottom of an active volcano. While the residents don’t have to fear explosions or lava, they have to live with lethal levels of sulfuric gas in the area. So, how do the people stay there without setting their lungs on fire? They use gas masks at all times. Here’s a funny twist: most of the people who live there stay because the Japanese government pays them to live there, so that it can study the effect of the environment on their bodies!

Miyake Jima

Coober Pedy is yet another incredibly weird town- it is popular for being the most inaccessible town in all of Australia. The town developed as a mining locality, when opal was discovered in 1915. However, Coober Pedy is located in an extremely hostile area, where the temperature can go over 45 degrees Celsius. To escape the heat, they went underground, which was the only place they could stay (relatively) cold. Even though it is not a mining town any more, it is a popular tourist destination.

Probably the weirdest city of the lot- Manshiyat Naser is a town that has a society that was built on trash. It is located right next to Cairo, Egypt, and acts as Cairo’s personal dump yard. However, the people of Manshiyat Naser have made a living out of it. It’s a permanent city with apartment buildings, shops, and jobs. Most of the people living there also say that they are happy with their lives.
Manshiyay Naser

Seems like you can find utopia in the most random of places!

My City

Fantastic view of the Melbourne skyline in all it glory and the Princes Bridge

Melbourne Skyline and Princes Bridge

I realised while I waxing lyrical about all these cities I have not mentioned my own. As I started writing this post I realised why. I have so much to say, how do you fit a lifetimes experience of a city into a post? Simple answer you don’t, I love my city and have hundreds of anecdotes about it but to fit in this blog I thought I would highlight some reasons for a visitor to call on Melbourne.

If you want some history of Melbourne then this site will be useful for you to look at.

Melbourne Street all lit up and welcoming

Melbourne street

Melbourne to me has everything, an openness about it with the river and architecture and fabulous parks; yet the streets and arcades create an intimate and close atmosphere. Tucked away in this warren that is not claustrophobic, you will find many of Melbourne’s famed restaurants and bars, the ‘secrets’ of the place. One in particular a visitor might enjoy is our tram restaurant with its 5* chefs and a site seeing tour of the city, perfect way to introduce you to the city.

Melbournes restaurant tram complet with 5* chefs and a site seeing tour

Melbourne Restaurant Tram

Above all as a visitor to Melbourne you will find the people so friendly and welcoming ( just like me)  we are well-known for out philanthropic outlook and we are always keen to help anyone. Look out for the ‘City ambassadors” a group of tourism volunteers who can show you the sites. I did some time volunteering for this and it is a great way to meet people and network – to this day I have contact with a number of people I met doing that.

Brighton Beach, at Port Philip famous for its colourful bathing boxes and the Melbourne skyline

Brighton Beach where I will be his next weekend!

So a taster of what Melbourne can offer, found writing this harder than the other cities, I want to share so much but I will leave this post today with a link for some interesting facts about Melbourne. For me Melbourne is just The Best City so I am sure I will be back to tell you more.

The Gift of Spain

I love cities – each one offers it own magic. I’ve visited Spain a few times – just love the weather, the people and the food. I don’t know why but the city of Malaga holds an attraction for me – its full of old and new mixed together. I love art, and the fact that Malaga is the birthplace of Picasso could be another drawcard for me.

I was delighted last time to see that the area of SOHO has now been turned into this amazing art-street where you’ll get a glimpse of the works of different artists  You’ll find some ancient buildings which are a delight for historians but then there are the trendy restaurants, super beaches and the very modern Muelle Uno port with its modern shops, bars and restaurants. Make sure you’ve got plenty of spending money because there are lots of expensive boutiques and gifts stores where you’re going to be parting with lots of money for sure.

What I love about this particular city is that you can get around on foot and see plenty. If you don’t like that, there’s plenty of transport getting tourists around. I always use the city tour buses and these drop you off and pick you up again, a great way to get places like the fascinating Alcazaba Fortress which gives you a good view of the city.

If you’re just looking for those quirky street markets that always attract tourists, then visit Atarazanas Market for some spices, fruits and vegetable and plenty of other knick knacks. For nature lovers there is the beautiful Jardín Botánico de la Concepción  Botanical Gardens which are soothing and relaxing. I’ve just mentioned a few things worth seeing in this awesome city – I could go on and on and on because I haven’t even mentioned the festivals and the nightlife yet but thats for another time.cities

Religious cities

Religion is a very important part of a person’s life. It brings together a group of people and creates harmony.However it can cause strife and wars too. Many wars have centred around religion. Many cities have been built on the basis of religion. Their economy is mainly based on religious tourism. Here are the most famous ones:



Jerusalem, Israel – It is one of the oldest cities in the world.It is of religious significance for three major religions of the world – Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The city has been destroyed completely and build twice in its long history.



Mecca, Saudi Arabia – It is the holiest city for muslims.More than 3 million people visit the city for the annual haj pilgrimage. Haj is one of the five pillars of Islam and every muslim is expected to visit Mecca once in his lifetime. Law of Saudi Arabia prohibits entry of non-muslims in Mecca.




Varanasi, India – According to popular legend Lord Shiva built this city. It is the holiest city of the Hindu faith.It is a holy place for Buddhist and Jains as well.The main attraction of the city are the banks of river Ganga known as ghats.There are over hundred ghats in the city which are used for bathing , rituals and burning of dead bodies.One of the most visited cities by foreign tourists.Tour to India is incomplete without a visit to Varanasi.

Vatican City

Vatican City


Vatican City, Rome – This is the holiest city of the Christian faith.It is the residence of the highest authority of Roman Catholics, Pope since 1377.The saint Peter’s church, vatican library and Vatican museum are a few of many places to visit. It has its own history of art. Most of the sculptures are made by famous artist Michelangelo.

Best Cities in the World for Cycling

Not all cities in the world have the kind of rules or the infrastructure for cycling fans. Here are some of the best cities in the world if you are a fan of cycling (professional or recreational).


This Danish utopia is one of the best places in the world for cycling. About 36% of the population cycles on a daily basis, and Copenhagen makes sure that the traffic and the lanes are perfect for these riders. They even have highly unique bridges for cyclists- it’s certainly a unique experience!

Copenhagen cycling


Perth has one of the best planned and executed bicycle lanes around the country. There are a number of cycling paths that connect the city to the suburban areas as well. A number of beautiful cycling trails have been created too, and there is adequate parking space as well.

Perth Cycling


Amsterdam is an incredibly beautiful city that provides a number of different wonderful paths to cycle through. There are a number of cycling paths that will even take you around the canals. It’s a unique way of exploring the city, so many tourists prefer travelling this way, as well.

Amsterdam Cycling

Besides this, a number of cities like Paris, Minneapolis, Bogota, etc have an increasing number of commuters who travel on bicycles. Which is your favourite city to bike in?

The Best Cities for Park Life

Sometimes the daily grind of urban life can get too much for even the most hardened city-dweller. Luckily, much-needed oxygen, calm and respite and can be found in most cities and sometimes in the unlikeliest places. From quaint greens and and local parks to royal parks and botanical gardens the world is your oyster. In Sydney we have the hugely popular Royal Botanic Gardens, you don’t have to be into plants or flowers to appreciate the immaculate grounds and enjoy the spectacular views of the Opera House and bridge from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.  Further from home park life is also thriving in places as diverse as Chicago and Tokyo.

I loved San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park when I visited, the views are just stunning and I walked around for ages and relaxed in the Japanese Tea Garden; there’s even a buffalo paddock and aquarium. It’s very much in keeping with the diverse and chilled out vibe of the city. Elsewhere in the States, Central Park in New York is also a huge iconic park that has been made famous by countless appearances in films and on TV, so it’s a no-brainer to put it near the top of any list. The same goes for European parks with London’s royal parks being my favourite: Regent’s Park for its well-kept flower gardens and vast green space, and Hyde Park for its history, cultural significance and convenient inner-city location; however, nature lovers should head out to the suburbs to Richmond for total immersion in unspoilt wildlife and beauty – you can even see deer roaming freely!

European cities have amazing parks

Cismigiu Park, Bucharest

Europe does parks really well, it must be that rich history of wealthy aristocracy combine with the perfect weather for greenery to flourish. Whatever it is I can’t imagine Paris without its gorgeous gardens, Stockholm with out its waterside parks or Berlin without its enormous Tiergarten. Most surprising to me was Bucharest, an in famously drab concrete city, but scratch below the surface and you’ll find a large number of beautiful well-kept parks with lakes and plenty of seating that make you feel as if you are in a different place and era. I’m really psyched because I just booked a trip back to Europe in September with my friend Jo thanks to and this time I’ll get to see Gaudi’s Park Guell in Barcelona. It’s been on my wishlist for a long time and I’m so excited!